My week in pictures #211

Monday, February 27

(From top left) I made teriyaki chicken on Monday night follow a video from the Tasty facebook page. The uni buildings in the low sunlight on Wednesday. There was a present left on my bed for me when I got back home on Friday. I watched Scotland's fantastic win against Wales in the rugby on the TV on Saturday. My two boys waiting for the treat I'm bribing them with. Today we went for a pizza at pizzaexpress on Sunday afternoon.  
Monday was an early start but I got back to my flat in time to unpack for my 11am class. My week wasn't overly busy so it left some time to catch up on work and of course go to the gym. I made dinner on Monday for my flatmate and I following one of Tasty's recipes and it was so good and so easy. 

Wednesday was full on with a Zumba at lunch time, followed by some time in class working on an assessment then going to meet Scott to do a food shop. We made mac and cheese for tea and watched telly in bed. Thursday is another busy day with uni in the morning, lunch on campus then the gym meaning I didn't get back til 3pm feeling very unmotivated to work. 

Finally the weekend arrived after class finished at half 12 on Friday. I practically ran to the flat to have lunch, do my dishes and pack before going to meet Scott. It feels like I haven't been home to my Mum, Dad and dogs in months. When I got home I found my parents had bought me Jamie's 15 Minute Meals which I've wanted for ages. I spent the rest of the evening looking through it for new recipes.

Mum and I headed to town on Saturday morning to do some shopping and a browse in the charity shops but no bargains were to be found. We got home just in time for the rugby to see Scotlands phenomenal win against Wales. I'm forever wishing I could go to Murray Field but the tickets are so expensive. 

On Sunday mum and dad had decided to head to St. Andrews for the day. It was pouring with rain but still we had a look in the shops and shopped for a pizza at Pizza Express for lunch. Again I didn't see anything to buy but this can only be a good thing for my bank account. Once we got home I light the fire and we just relaxed ahead of a new week. 

This week I also updated my profile picture on the blog and across my social media too. Don't forget to say hi if you see me on Twitter or Instagram.

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