5 Simple Student Meal Ideas #4

Thursday, March 2

I've not written on of these posts since I was in first year! I slowly gather pictures but the truth is I cook the same things a lot of the time during the week. My boyfriend is always round too and in the past three years I've noticed a big different in our cooking habits. We do a lot more from complete scratch now and have a big collection of herbs and spices. Without any further ado here are 5 more simple student meal ideas.

I love the Jamie Oliver website 'The Best Vegan Burger' caught my eye as something tasty and easy. The ingredients were cheap and even though I don't have a food processor I was able to whip them up in a smoothie marker. I discovered, along with sweet potato fries, the photo above is way too much food for one person... but it's healthy right? 

This super simple tuna pasta recipe always reminds me of my mum because it was a favourite of ours when I was a kid. All I do is fry an onion, season it with salt, pepper and some chilli powder then add a tin of tuna and a tin of tomato and let it simmer for 10 minutes while I cook the pasta.

Again inspired by my mum these sweet potato and salmon fish cakes are from a more recent visit home. All I did was cook and mash two sweet potatoes, add salt, pepper and cumin along with some cheap salmon. I then coated them with breadcrumbs and shallow fried them in a pan.

I've found Tesco's 'Food Loves Stories' campaign really inspiring and decided to give the Jambalaya a go first. It was super easy for a weeknight and halving the recipe meant I had enough left over for lunch later in the week. The only change I made was using chorizo instead of sausages because thats what I prefere. 

This Salmon Wellington was the first Buzzfeed tasty recipe I ever made and I've done it again a few times since. I like salmon and I love pastry so these is indeed tasty and really easy too. Thanks to the spinach I like to pretend this recipe is healthy but it probably isn't... 

If you would like to see me do more of these posts let me know in the comments and I'll keep collecting photos. In the meantime why not check out:

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