Alternative March Favourites

Thursday, March 30

It has been along time since I last wrote a favourites post but this month I was feeling inspired. March has always been one of my favourite months for two reasons. Firstly it is my birthday (something I still get ridiculously excited for) and secondly it normally marks the start of spring and the lighter evenings. So without any further ado here are the things I've loved this month.

Wet Brush | Detangle Professional
I've never invested in a hairbrush before but for along time now I've noticed that my current Primark one was probably doing my hair more harm than good. After a bit of research online and recommendations from the lovely people on twitter I bought a 'Wet Brush Pro'. I loved it from the first use. Brushing my hair is pain free and so much easier after I have a shower - I honestly didn't think a brush could make that much difference.

Now my hair is no longer tearring when I brush it I think it is starting to look healthier too but only time will tell. I love want a small Wet Brush for my handbag and they do the cutest printed ones too. I could have a whole collection!
Nick Nairn Cook School | 3-Hour Individual Beef Wellington, Chocolate Hazelnut Delice Class
I spoke about this in a 'Week in Pictures' post but near the start of the month Scott and I went to Nick Nairn's Cook School in Aberdeen thanks to a Christmas present. I was a little nervous before going because I am a pretty shy person but the class didn't involve talking to strangers and we had a great time. 

The chef talked us through making the Chocolate Hazelnut Delice, although I'm a reasonable baker he still gave us some really useful tips. Next he talked us through making the complete beef wellington dish before we got to give it ago ourselves. 

It was alot of fun cooking in the 'professional' kitchen they have while drinking a large glass of wine. Scott and I have wanted to make beef wellington before but with the ingredients being so expensive we didn't feel confident enough but now we definitely do.  We all sat down together to tuck into our amazing food with another class of wine. We left feeling stuffed and having had the best afternoon possible. Now we have the recipe pack we can make it again. Honestly the best present we could have been given.
A Birthday Weekend in Pitlochry
This was the topic of last weeks blog post so if you missed it you should go and catch up. I love my birthday more than anything and this year Scott decided to treat me to a weekend away. We got to relax, spend time outdoors, eat good food and just be alone together. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

The first of spring on the 20th of March has really been the icing on the top of this month. It is no longer getting dark early and I don't have to leave the flat with my coat tightly around me anymore. Don't get me wrong - Aberdeen isn't warm yet but we've been to the beach, spring flowers are blooming and I've enjoyed going to the park to take photos.

The beach was full of people at the weekend and students lying on the grass on campus makes a huge difference. You can just tell everyone is so much more cheerful. I'm definitely ready to go home for the easter break and spend even more time outside.

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