My week in pictures #216

Sunday, April 2

(From top left) Old Aberdeen in the spring sunshine on Monday. Possibly the last rock thin section I will look at as an undergraduate. Spent 4 days in the library this week making a start to my exam revision. A geological model made out of playdough - even I'm not sure what it is meant to mean. Arriving home for the holidays on Sunday night and Bundi is at the door to greet me. Mum bought me this very pretty oil burner while they were on holiday this past week.
This week has been a strange one because my uni timetable has been so empty with only 7 hours of classes. I'd decided this was the perfect time to kick start my exam revision so every morning at 9am I arrived at the library ready for a few hours revision. In the afternoon I spent my time going to the gym, Zumba or going for a walk in the sunshine. I got loads of work done and got to enjoy spring too. 

On Wednesday after I danced around for an hour at Zumba I went home for a rest then Scott came round after work. We went to Tesco for some food, reheated Curry Dahl in the microwave I'd made earlier and chilled in front of the TV watching lucky man. It was our third anniversary but we don't normally do anything special to celebrate it. 

The gym on Thursday really took it out of me so I spent the rest of the day trying to relax and write to-do lists because I felt like I had so much to do. After my library session on Friday I went into town with my flatmate to take a bag of clothes and shoes to my boyfriends car. We grabbed lunch at McDonald's before I had to go back for my last Friday 3pm class. 

Our last night in Aberdeen before the holidays was spent enjoying a chinese from M&S and binge watching Iron Fist on netflix so it couldn't have been much better. On Saturday I was up early to get housework done, defrost the freezer and pack for going home for the holidays. It wasn't easy hauling my suitcase on the bus but I got a doughnut in Union Square before getting the train. 

Scott and I didn't do much on Saturday afternoon but I was feeling quite sleepy. We went out in the evening for a retirement party at our favourite pub coming home at around midnight happy drunks. Sunday has been the ultimate lazy day and my steps have been pretty appalling. We had a lie in, a cooked breakfast and looked at summer holiday. At about 5pm I told Scott we needed to go for a short walk but we were home quickly to make tea. Scott gave me a lift home shortly after and I'm feeling lonely without him. We are constantly talking about the day we don't have to say goodbye again and get to live with each other.

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