Getting Back into Swimming

Wednesday, March 8

Beach to Beach Classic Swimsuit*
When I first found out I was moving to Aberdeen I got excited about living without walking distance to a swimming pool. I could go whenever I wanted and keep up my fitness. I didn't anticipate my irrational fear of the pool to get in the way - despite being a better than average swimmer I'm scared of the big, deep tank of water with a moveable bottom. Don't ask me to explain why!

In September (at the start of the academic year) I signed up for a gym membership at Aberdeen Sports Village and knew I had to push myself to get over my fear. Which I did through sheer willpower alone.

At the moment I aim to go every Saturday I'm in Aberdeen and if that isn't an option I try to find time elsewhere in the week. Swimming is probably the only exercise I enjoy doing and I find nothing more relaxing than getting my 20/30 lengths done. I would go more if it wasn't so time consuming and tricky to fit in before university.

If you read my active wear wishlist you'll know I was in the market for a new swimming costume. There is where Simply Be came to the rescue with their great range of Swimming costumes. I had a browse through their selection of one piece costume and choose this Beach to Beach Classic Swimsuit. 

I liked the black for it's simplicity but the neckline sets it apart from other 'practical' costumes and I love the open back. It fits really well too, tight but not in a way that show off the wobbly bits (more told them in). I got a size 12 which is my normal dress size if you were wondering. It has 'medium control' and features fixed foam cups which aren't an essential for me but give a more flattering shape. 

The only downside to this costume is the fastening on the back has to be done up while you're already in it making it a little tricky. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it but I had a panic in the showers last week thinking I was stuck and going to have to ask a stranger to help! 

I'm going to aim keep taking this costume to the pool every week until the end of term. It is also going to be great for splashing in the pool with my cousins on our family holiday in Aviemore.  

If you are looking for a new swimming costume or bikini I'd definitely see what Simply Be have to offer. I'm really happy with my choice. 

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