My week in pictures #213

Monday, March 13

(From top left) I finally bought a good hairbrush to start taking care of my hair. The botanic gardens were beautiful in the sunshine this week. Exciting news for my birthday weekend from Scott. I made banana muffins to make use of bananas that were black. On Saturday we went to Nick Nairn's Cook School and made Beef Wellington. I reached my most steps ever on Saturday night thanks to a long walk to Tesco.
I traveled back to Aberdeen on Monday in plenty time for my 11am class only to find out that my friends and I were the only ones there... oops! It was set to be a busy week because one of our assignments was due on Tuesday and another the following week. All this stress wasn't made any better by feeling like I was being shut out by my friends and being put under unnecessary pressure by them. Cue rants to my flatmate, tearful phone calls with my mum and panicked emails to my lecturers. 

Suddenly on Wednesday all this disappeared though and because the sun was shining I was in a much better mood by the time I met Scott to do some shopping. We made risotto for tea then pigged out on banoffee pie in bed while watching Taggart. 

Thursday was a busy day at uni so I got home much later than normal but again it was still gloriously light outside so I couldn't complain. On Friday after class I went into town to do some shopping. I hadn't been for a browse in ages and fancied treating myself for a stressful week. Typically because I was willing to spend money I didn't see anything I liked - real first world problems right there.

Finally the Saturday, the day I'd been excited about all week, arrived! After an early start to fit in my morning swim Scott and I headed into town to Nick Nairn's Cook School. We got to attend a 3 hour class to make Beef Wellington as a Christmas Present from Scott's parents. The class was GREAT, we learnt loads and now would be confident enough to try it at home. The two large glasses of red wine also helped alot. I thought about doing a blog post but didn't want to ruin the class for myself by taking pictures throughout.

Our plan was to watch the rugby afterwards in the pub but it was going so badly for Scotland we only saw part of the first half. We were so full up and didn't fancy drinking anymore we walked back to the flat. After an hour or so lying down we decided we wanted to go out again, with limited options because we'd been drinking we walked to the big tesco extra and back on a Saturday night...

Sunday was chilled with sausages for breakfast, clothes washing then showers so we were ready to head out. We visited Dobbies to look at the cacti and eat delicious tiffin in car before getting all the ingredients for burgers which we made that night. With a BBQ marinade, plenty cheese, salad, onion rings and bacon they were delicious!

At the same time I was watching my shoes come to an end on ebay and spending the money just as quickly by bidding on a dress for next weekend. My boyfriend is taking me on a surprize birthday weekend to Perthshire... I cannot wait!!!

Have a look at my Instagram for lots more photos of my week and the coming week too. 

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