My week in pictures #217

Sunday, April 9

(From top left) The Pittodrie sunset on Tuesday night watching them beat Inverness. I finally found a Beatrix Potter 50p on Wednesday. I've been meaning to put these photos in a frame for years - two years after they were taken! Taking my boys out for a walk has been a pleasure this week. I made a Simnel Cake for an easter blog post later this week. I won a competition on Little Talk's blog and my bamboo towels arrived this week from 'The Towel Shop'. 
For the first time in forever my week started at home with my parents and I didn't have any plans all week. Well apart from exam revision which tries to spoil this time of year. I've got a little bit done every morning though to keep ontop of things and get it out of the way. 

I've also done a couple of HIIT workouts with the help of yaboymillhoy on YouTube because I can't get to the gym this week. They have been fun but harder than I expected too. On Tuesday after I felt like I'd already done so much I got the train to meet Scott in Aberdeen. I spent my birthday voucher in Paperchase and we went to the football. It went well and Aberdeen beat Inverness but Burger King was closed by the time it was finished so we ended up having dinner SO LATE.

When mum picked me up on Wednesday we got to see the foal in the field next to the house close up for the first time - so cute! After some revision I took the dogs out for a walk while mum was out. My brother came home later in the day so I didn't get much more work done but I did add some new pages to my scrapbook.

Thursday was more of the same revision in the morning but in the afternoon I started baking a Simnel Cake for an Easter blog post. I'm so chuffed with the way it turned out and can't wait to share it with you. On Friday morning I made a to-do list and powered through it (including a HIIT workout) in plenty of time to meet my boyfriend after work. Annoyingly he didn't finish until 6pm and the daylight was quickly disappearing but hopefully I cheered him up after a hard day.

Saturday was an early start because I was off on our annual family holiday to Aviemore. My uncle picked me up in the morning so we could pick people up on the way and travel down. Having all my cousins together is so exciting so I'm really looking forward the the week. On Sunday we started with swimming then went out for a bike ride in the afternoon. My big cousins are making curry for tea but I'm ready for bed already! It's going to be a good week.  

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p.s. I've had the loveliest comments (both on my blog and on twitter) for my new outfit post and I am so grateful. Everyone who takes the time to comment makes me smile!

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