My week in pictures #221

Monday, May 8

(From top left) I put my postal vote in the post on Monday evening - any excuse to get out of the flat for half an hour. I finally treated myself to the ipad mini I've been going on about for about a month - it was a bargain on gumtree! I went to vote in a polling station for the first time on Thursday for the Scottish council elections. Cocktails at Revolucion De Cuba after my last exam on Friday. Wine in Siberia with my flatmate... this is where our night fell apart. Finished watching Riverdale on Saturday night and I LOVED it. 
Exam week always passes in a blur of last minute revision and stressing. I stress even though I did feel quite well prepared for my two exams on Thursday and Friday. I don't know if there is another way to cope with those dreaded weeks.

I have been looking out for a second hand iPad mini on gumtree or Facebook market for about a month now but on Tuesday evening I finally spotted a good deal. I emailed the guy and was able to go and pick it up on Wednesday night (after all the worrying about everything that could go wrong). I'm so pleased with my new purchase - it is going to be great for traveling and lectures when they start again in September.

Anyway I'm happy with how Thursday exams went because the right essay questions came up. Afterwards my flatmate and I walked to the polling station in the sunshine to vote in the Scottish council elections. I then spent the evening relaxing ahead of my final exam. At 2pm on Friday I was finished with exams and we went to the pub near the uni... and another one in town... and another one... and another one... it all gets a little hazy!!!

I paid for it on Saturday - being too hungover to move (unless it was back to the bathroom!?) and I didn't have my phone anymore! Needless to say that I didn't move from the sofa but I did track my phone down to lost property.

Sunday was an extremely early start because I promised to go to my boyfriends and had already booked a train. I managed to pick up my phone and discovered that the screen was so badly smashed it had holes in the glass! I wish I knew how that happened...

The trains were also a bit of a nightmare and with me being a little early to the station, trains being cancelled then delayed I was in the station for about an hour then an hour on the train. A journey that should take about 40 minutes and being still slight hungover this wasn't easy. So Sunday was another chilled day at my boyfriends. We watched a lot of TV, made my favourite lasagne for tea and booked a last minute holiday. At the end of May we will be spending 10 glorious nights in Tenerife and I cannot wait. 

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