A Postcard from Tenerife 2017

Tuesday, June 13

The first week in June my boyfriend and I spent 10 nights in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. We stayed in the same hotel as last time and it was exactly the relaxing break we were after. My summer is about to get really busy with the start of my dissertation work and we wanted something super chilled and guess what... we did basically nothing the whole time we were there!

My fitbit did count 90 miles over the whole holiday because every day we left the hotel and went for a walk down by the beach either south towards Los Cristianos or north towards La Caleta. It was on these walks that most of these photos were taken. We spent a fair amount of time in the Pool Center brushing up on our skills, drank cocktails at the hardrock cafe and no trip would be complete without visiting Siam Park.

The water park was just as awesome as I remember it. I wrote about it last time so I won't repeat myself but this time we got to ride Kinnaree which was scarily awesome and Singa their aqua coaster which is the best water ride I've ever been on!

I didn't leave with a tan but it was so relaxed and to me there is nothing better than quality time with my other half... counting down the days until we don't have to say goodbye when we get home!

I've got an outfit diary coming later this week and potentially a foodie post if you're interested!

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