My week in pictures #227

Sunday, July 2

(From top left) Smiley selfie while doing field work in the hills. This was my view for 10 days - my map and compass. The house my parents designed was on the front of BuildIt magazine this month. My grandma bought me a holiday present from America. I was having a lazy day on Thursday so watched Monsters Inc. I've not made my favourite gnocchi dish in Forever. 
Writing a week in pictures to cover two weeks is a little strange for me. If you saw Thursday post you'll know that I spent ten of them in Torridon in the North West Highlands for a geology field trip. It was pretty exhausting but I came away with a mark I'm happy with and the blog/Instagram content was worth it.

After five hours on the bus I was so happy to get back to Aberdeen on Wednesday and allow my boyfriend to take care of me. He had to work late so I basically sat at his desk and played on my ipad until it was time to go home.

My dad came to get me from Scott's on Thursday morning because I had a massive bag - they were going out for the day and I was still tired so while the rain poured outside I light a fire and watched some films. 

My lazy weekend has basically been continuing because I feel like I've earnt it. I've ordered photos from my scrapbook so hopefully they'll arrive early next week and I can get started. I've also been trying to work on blog content for the rest of the summer.

Go and show my recent posts some love - as I've been away so much I've not had as much time as I would like to promote them and as a result the readers and comments have slumped a little!

I can't promise next week will be more exciting but hopefully I'll get some energy and motivation back soon.

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