My week in pictures #228

Monday, July 10

(from top left) Scott bought me a little present from Duty Free. I made my dogs biscuits this week which Dan was very interested in. The Scottish highlands have some pretty butterflies. Enjoying a BBQ in the garden on Sunday night.
I managed to fit a lot into last week - mostly because it was my last one at home for the next seven weeks. I had a lot of blogging preparation to do before going away and I wanted to spend as much time with my boyfriend as possible. 

This started off well because I was invited out for lunch on Monday with my boyfriend and his parents. It was really nice to spend time together and as I hadn't seen my boyfriend over the weekend we got our lazy Sunday together. 

I had to go to Aberdeen on Wednesday for a meeting with my dissertation advisor so I made it an excuse to go shopping. It was a lovely sunny day for a walk in the city too - afterwards Scott picked me up and I we cooked chilli at his for dinner. 

Thursday involved more blogging work then on Friday I had to pack before Scott came over for dinner. I requested a BBQ but it was pouring with rain so we had my favourite meatballs for dinner. It was so nice to spend with my favourite people before I left.

Saturday morning started early with a lift to Aberdeen from my parents to meet my friends then the very long drive to Kinlochbervie in the Scottish Highlands. My friend has a sporty car which made the journey more enjoyable though we arrived in horizontal rain and everyone was so tired.

Thankfully Sunday morning was lazy and we only made it out for a walk in the afternoon. We then picked up our tesco order from the local hotel (that's how it's done here) and started the BBQs in the garden. 

I'm in this house with my friends for the next seven weeks (a daunting prospect) while we complete our geological mapping project for our dissertations. Something I've been worrying about for quite along time but also something I'm sure I will updated you with as we progress.

No new posts this week because I've been so busy planning content but enjoy two posts from this time last year: A Postcard from Orlando 2016 | Visiting Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure

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