My week in pictures #233

Sunday, August 20

(From top left) Bernie looking handsome on our day off on Tuesday. The beach in the sunshine. Macaroni for lunch from our local restaurant. The phone case and battery pack arrived for my new phone so it doesn't randomly die. The cows were back on the beach on Thursday. Sunday mapping views over Loch Borralie.
Hmmm what to say about week six apart from we are almost finished! Only one more week to go then it is home time. That is about the only thing that has kept me going this week.

We did something fun on our day off on Tuesday, we went somewhere very picturesque and took some photos then went out for lunch. A much needed break after weeks of nothing but work. 

However, mid-week we had a bit of a falling out which left the house a bit divided and everyone feeling really down. I'd love to say it is resolved how but I think we all need a bit of space away from here.

As for my mapping project, I feel like it is going well and I'm going to get everything done before it is time to go home. I've sent plenty of emails to my advisor though pleading for help... oops!

Feels weird to have gone out mapping on a Sunday but it means we will be able to take the rainiest day off next week so it will be worth it. I'm ready for bed already and it is only 8pm.

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