My week in pictures #235

Monday, September 4

(From top left) The old town in Gdansk - very picturesque. Getting the train to Sopot on Thursday morning. Delicious chia seed pudding for breakfast. Streaming the Scotland game in a pub in Sopot on Friday night.  Coffee in the coolest little cafe before leaving Sopot. Flying home just after sunset on Saturday evening.
On Monday I got to spend an amazing full day at home. I managed to do all my laundry, catch up on little blogging jobs and just enjoy doing nothing. It was so badly needed but it didn't last long because I was up on Tuesday so pack for Gdansk.

My boyfriend booked us a little trip because I had been away for seven weeks (nine weeks total) over the summer and he fancied some quality time. So I met him after work in Aberdeen, we did some last minute shopping and went for tea at Bella Italia.

Our flight wasn't until 9:55pm so we had plenty of time and traveling with just hand luggage made everything super easy although we didn't arrive to our hotel until 1am (midnight uk time). The pain in my ears when landing was the worst I've ever felt leaving both me and the babies on the plane in tears...

I'm planning on writing a 'postcard from Gdansk' post so I'm not going to say much about it now but it was really chilled and very different to anywhere I've been before. It was over all too quickly though because on Saturday evening we were back on the plane to Aberdeen.

For the first time in two months (!?) I got to cook tea with Scott, light candles and lie under the blanket on the sofa watching Hell's Kitchen. Safe to say I felt like the luckiest girl in the world going to sleep on Sunday evening. 

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