My week in pictures #238

Sunday, September 24

(From top left) Ever since I bought my first Wet Brush I’ve been looking for a little one to carry in my handbag & on Tuesday I found one in TK Maxx. My prints arrive from La La Lab to decorate my Ikea grid - doesn't it look cool? This week my flatmate and I started and finished The Defenders on Netflix - I really enjoyed it. On Sunday morning I got some extra time in bed to finish reading The Goblet of Fire.

Not having a busy university timetable is starting to get me to... I'm going to have to get stuck into my portfolio work and start of my dissertation to keep myself busy. This week I started getting back into a routine with the gym but I did only make it twice.

I went for a walk around the local park on Monday to get some fresh air then on Wednesday Scott came round, we made lasagne for tea and watched Hell's Kitchen in bed. Friday was a good day because I finally got my phoned fixed (a week after I broke it) and had a productive meeting about my dissertation. Then in the evening I made a roast dinner for my flatmate and her friend and got to enjoy it with a glass (bottle) of wine.

My weekend has been pretty dull - in fact I've barely left the house. I've felt the start of a cold coming on which made me feel a sneezy mess and I didn't feel like going out.

I've been struggling with my blog for the past couple of weeks. I spent so long focusing on keeping my blog going for the nine weeks I was away during the summer. After coming back I've found it difficult to get started again. I took my holiday photos on a film camera but I haven’t taken enough exposures to get it developed yet so my 'Postcard from Gdansk' will have to wait a while longer.

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