My week in pictures #237

Monday, September 18

(From top left) First day back at the gym in 4 months. I finally got round to watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life... All the emotions! I made possibly the best banana bread this week following the recipe on Anastasia's blog. On Sunday we had a walk round Duthie Park and the Winter Gardens with my cousins.
Monday morning started with maximum stress as I tidied up my mapping project for the handin later that day then pack my things to move back to my student flat. Then I sat nervously on the train and bus starting to doubt if I'd make it to the handin on time. I did make it but didn't get the sense of relief I was hoping for. Maybe you can never truly be happy with something you've spent two months of your life obsessing over. 

The rest of the week I felt like it was finally time to take some well deserved relaxing time and not worry myself about anything else. I caught up on telly I havn't had time for, rejoined the gym on Tuesday and spent my week doing bit and bobs in the flat.

Lectures started back on Thursday where we were given 'scare tactics' to make us work harder... On Friday afternoon I dropped my newish iPhone in my bedroom and smashed the screen! Totally my fault because I'd taken the case off but I felt sick all the same then moments later my parents arrived. They brought up my suitcases and then we went for a late lunch at Chiquitos - it was really nice to see them even if it was only for a short amount of time.  

Later on I went with my flatmate and her boyfriend to the pub to celebrate her (late) birthday which was nice. Saturday I was up early because it had been months since I'd been for a wander round the shops and there was a vintage kilo sale in town I wanted to check out. I didn't see anything I liked but it was still a fun experience. 

On Sunday Scott came to see me and we went to Duthie Park to meet my cousins and aunty who has come up for the day. We only spent an hour or so together but it was still nice to see them again. Scott and I then spent some time wandering round the shops before coming back to the flat to order our first Papa John's together since May.

A sunday well spent makes Monday morning so much easier. Now I just need to do some research into where to get my iPhone screen fixed this week. 

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