5 Things My Boyfriend and I Will Never Agree On

Wednesday, October 4

I asked on twitter at the end of last week what sort of posts you guys would like to see because I've been thinking about doing some more chatty lifestyle posts on my blog. Relationships got the top vote so I thought I would kick off with a lighthearted 5 things my boyfriend and I will never agree on.

I've been going out with Scott for three and a half years now and I think we are the perfect team. We agree on a lot of what is important in life and have the same values. However, there are something we just can't see to see eye to eye on... 

#1. Game of Thrones. 

Scott doesn't like it and I can't understand why because like 90% of the population I'm hooked week after week. His stubbornness extends to most of the TV shows I like but that's okay I like having time to myself.

#2. Pajama Days.

Every so often I love a jammie day without having a shower or going outside at all. Scott just doesn't understand and wants to have a shower which just spoils the enjoyment of a pajama day.

#3. Gambling. 

Nothing serious here but Scott likes a flutter on the football at the weekend and I just don't understand it. Maybe it is the way I've been brought up but I thought it always wrong. His dad does it too so it must be the way he was brought up too. As long as he is making money I'll roll my eyes and continue to not understand.

#4. Music.

Scott isn't the biggest fan of the type of music I listen to when I'm on my own. I've always liked bands like You Me At Six, Twin Atlantic and the Arctic Monkeys. While he likes to call it 'emo music' - it is lucky that there are bands we both like!

#5. Living Abroad. 

Scott would love to stay in the sunshine, Florida maybe, but I'm not so keen. I'm such a home bird and I just don't see the appeal plus I'd get homesick from Scotland and my family. At the moment it is just a dream and who knows my opinion might change as I get older.

Is there anything you and your other half will never agree on? I'd love to know so leave me a comment.

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