A Postcard from Caithness

Wednesday, October 18

Last week I was away in Caithness the last residential field trip of my undergrad career but thankfully this time it was only four days long. After a hiccup getting there and the hard work we had to put in during the day and late into the evening we had a really good time.  

The top north east corner of Scotland is very beautiful and the rocks are really interesting. All our work was long the coast so you're missing the scenic hills we saw from the windows of the coach. I only wish we had more time to explore and take photos but we were there to work...

Our base was a hotel in Thurso which was really nice - only I wouldn't recommend getting the train there. It was a very very long four hours! However when I wasn't glued to my iPad (did I mention I was bored?) the views were pretty good.

Sandstone cliffs at Sarclet

Coastline at Brough
Flagstone at Castlehill

Coastline at Scarfskerry

Sandstone at Auckengill

Coastline at Scarfskerry (I think!)
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