My week in pictures #247

Sunday, December 3

(from top left) I finished reading 'The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden' - it was a great book. I made the first meal from my Simply Cook box for my mum and dad. A healthy lentil dahl recipe from Jamie Oliver with a fried egg. On Saturday we went down to the Etsy Made Local market in Aberdeen but I will share more about that next week. We put up the little Christmas tree in our flat this weekend. Some healthy porridge bars for snacking during the week.
I woke up at my boyfriends on Monday morning but he was leaving for two weeks in Baku for work so I headed back to see my parents. I spent the days revising and the evening reading in front of the fire. It would have been perfect apart from the cold that started on Monday evening - thankfully Lemsips have been keeping me alive since then. 

On Thursday afternoon, in the snow, I caught the train back to Aberdeen. I wanted to have a couple of days studying and getting things sorted for my exam on Monday. Annoying I felt the worse that I've felt all week on Friday night.

I felt better when I woke up on Saturday so I was able to get revision done before going to meet my flatmate in town for the Etsy Local Aberdeen Market. There was some really great things there - I've got a blog post planned for next week though. Once we got home we started putting up our Christmas tree - what do you think?

Sunday was a great day because I stayed in bed for hours - reading 'La Belle Sauvage' and my revision notes. I only got up to go to Tesco to get an orange to do some baking. I made these porridge bars for some healthy snacking during the week, had a bath then made pizza for tea. The perfect Sunday even if I do say so myself. 

No new posts on G is for Gingers this week but if you're in the mood for some festive inspiration: The One Pound Gift Challenge | How We Decorate Our Christmas Tree

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