My week in pictures #250

Sunday, December 24

(from top left) Pre-Christmas treats from my Grandma on Tuesday. After savouring it I finished the 'The Book of Dust' which is one of the best books I've read this year. I finally made a stollen for Christmas on Friday evening. A little Christmas tree for our upstairs sitting room.

As I was full of the cold on Monday I took it easy in the morning. Working on one blog post but apart from that I didn't do very much. On Tuesday I went to meet my Grandma in Perth - we went out for lunch then did a little shopping in the afternoon. She bought me these boots I'd been eyeing up from Clark's for my Christmas and I love them.

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went to Dundee to pick up a new microwave for his Christmas. We also had a little wander round town but he is now full of the cold so we came home for a dominos for tea. Thursday was lazy although I did take a walk to a new shop in Montrose called 'Rust' where I bought Christmas presents for my mum and dad. 

I popped into town with my mum on Friday to pick up a new last minute things and ingredients to make a stollen. In the afternoon it was a mad dash to get some outfit photos taken before the sun went out (#BloggerProblems). Feeling motivated on Saturday I helped my mum with as much housework as possible so I could get off to Scott's again. We took a walk to Tesco then had curry for tea while watching The Apprentice. 

Christmas Eve always involves housework (yawn) and some last minute present wrapping which is what I'm going to do when I hit publish on this blog post.

Have a very Merry Christmas! Come back for some new posts between Christmas and New Year.

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