My week in pictures #252

Tuesday, January 16

(from top left) Early last week I finished the fair copy map for my dissertation which was one weight off my mind. On Wednesday my boyfriend and I made a delicious chicken and veggie dish from his hellofresh box. Mum and I took advantage of the late night shopping in Dundee on Thursday to spend some quality time together. Our little new year tradition of some inexpensive treats in the Accessorize sale (plus a diary from Tiger). 
Last week would have been work work work if I hadn't also been insured to drive the car. With just one week left I really felt the pressure working on my dissertation. Thank goodness for my dad who is always around to help with formatting and layout of posters and my mum who is an ace proofreader - definitely couldn't have done it without them. 

On Wednesday evening I drove to Scott's and we made tea together. It was nice to spend the evening getting away from uni work and starting the new series of Silent Witness. I was back home early Thursday though to keep working. By Friday evening though I had my poster printed and I made chicken tagine with dates and orzo from nadiya hussain’s cookbook.

Then by Saturday evening I was more or less done with the report too so after tea mum and I settled down to watch the second part of the miniaturist. I must admit to being a little disappointed by the ending... I felt like it was lacking a little bit when the first half was so good.

Sunday morning was spent proof reading and adding some final figures into my report. Then I packed my bag and went to spend the right at my boyfriends because he was giving my a lift to Aberdeen early monday morning. In plenty time for my first lecture of the semester and handing in my dissertation.

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