My week in pictures #255

Monday, February 5

(from top left) At the start of the week we finished watching 'The Mist' on netflix which I really enjoyed. Classic student night out on Tuesday with my geology friends. Bought a few tools and finally was able to bleed our hall radiator so we have heat again. My boyfriends Dad found this olympic 50p for me which is very exciting. 

Monday was a crazy busy day at uni, 8 hours of working is alot for a student, so I arrived home pretty shattered. Then on Tuesday I made the decision to go out with my geology friends for a social they organised. Honestly I don't know how I got so drunk but before I knew it I was lost in Aberdeen city centre... oops!

Obviously Wednesday was a hangover day - I did make it to my 9am lecture but apart from that I spent the whole day of the sofa watching stranger things. Scott came round in the afternoon and made me pasta for dinner which was so badly needed. 

The rest of the week passed quickly and definitely more productive until Friday afternoon where I headed to meet Scott from work because we planned to spend the whole weekend together. It's one of my favourite ways to spend the weekend and the most chilled too. 

On Saturday we were at his folks during the day helping with a few things then after the disaster that was the Scottish rugby game we went to the pub for a few drinks. I wasn't hungover on Sunday but it was the ultimate lazy day, only getting dressed to go to lidl, and making cottage pie for tea followed by an early night. Perfect!

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