My week in pictures #261

Monday, March 19

(from top left) This week I had to take my ball dress up an inch so I wasn't standing on it at the ball. Slightly tipsy at the Geoscience ball with Scott on Friday. Game day on Saturday and it was a tense one for Scotland. On Sunday Scott and I (mostly Scott) made Chicken Tikka from scratch. 

This week my main focus has been on finishing my essay - oh and the excitement about the Geoscience ball. So I could properly enjoy the ball I spent hours in the library working on my essay so it was at a point I was happy to leave it for the weekend. 

After a non-stop day on Wednesday I was just making tea when I discovered our boiler wasn't working properly. Luckily we have a heater for the water but doing without the heating when it was so cold outside was inconvenient. Thankfully our landlord was about to get someone in to have a look at it on Friday afternoon so it was fixed by the time we were leaving for the ball.

The ball was so worth the hype too - I had my boyfriend and my good friends all together for a night of dancing and drinking. My dress was gorgeous (even if I do say so myself) and I just had the best time. I can't wait to see the professional photos now. 

After waking up on Saturday with a bit of a hangover (oops!) I got on with a few things I had to do before going to Scott's house for the rest of the weekend. Once there we didn't do very much apart from some cooking and looking at holidays for the summer. 

On birthday is on Wednesday this week and on Thursday I'm going to see Hairspray with my flatmate so I'm equally excited for what this week holds too.

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