Montezuma's Chocolate Review

Friday, October 28

Montezuma's * Organic Chocolate Bars
A bar of chocolate is one of my favourite sweet treats on days I need a little pick me up. That's why I'm always looking for the next delicious brand to try and with chocolate the ethics is particularly important. Everything Montezuma's do is governed by their 'Business Done Properly' promise so you know their suppliers, staff and approach to the environment is looked at carefully. 

Montezuma's work with several suppliers to ensure that all their ethically sourced chocolate meets stringent ethical criteria and certifications which include Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Soil Association and Cocoa Horizons.

Every piece of packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. Including,  paper food safe packaging, the unavoidable food safe plastic packaging and everything that they use for packaging and distribution.
Now, most importantly, we turn to the taste of the chocolate. As part of the bundle of six 90g bars I was sent to review I choose Fitzroy, Happy Hippy, Royal Mint, Chilli Bonkers, Dark Side and Hot Pickle. Although it was hard to choose because they all sounded so delicious. 

I've been savouring the chocolate so I've only tucked into two bars so far so I wanted to share my thoughts. I like an orange chocolate so I reached for 'Happy Hippy' first - it is a delicious balance of floral and fruity flavours in dark chocolate. According to their website it is a best seller and it's not difficult to see why. 

Both my boyfriend and I choose 'Dark Side' to try next - I love organic dark chocolate but he isn't so crazy so this flavour is the perfect compromise. It is 51% cocoa so gives that intense flavour of dark chocolate while keeping the creaminess of a good bar of milk chocolate. Delicious! 

The six bars of chocolate I was sent are part of a six for £15 mix and match offer which is the perfect way to try lots of flavours while giving you a small saving on the price of individual bars. These bars worked out at £2.50 each. I will warn you... it's difficult to choose just six. I still want to try 'Peanut Butter Nutter' and 'Black Forest'.

Now after browsing their website again I am really tempted by an Advent Calendar...

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