My week in pictures #266

Monday, April 23

(from top left) St Andrews in the sunshine on Tuesday evening. Bundi in the garden waiting for me to throw the ball. Managed to fill two more boxes for the recycling/charity shop. It was nice to be home for the whole week in the sunshine.
I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to spending the week at home with my parents without the stress of an impending deadline to spoil my fun. I definitely slept in a bit too late, did lots of reading, helped mum with housework and caught up on blogging work I'd been neglecting. I also managed to sort through bits and bobs in my room and fill two cardboard boxes for the charity shop.  

On Tuesday afternoon I went with my folks to Dundee, we picked up a few things from the shops then went over to Pizza Express in St Andrews for tea. The sun was shinning to it was a great evening for a wander round the pretty town. 

After throwing all my holiday clothes together on Wednesday I went to Scotts for tea - we made meatballs which were very tasty. On Thursday I did more cooking this time at home when I tried BBQ pull jackfruit which was tasty but I still think the recipe needs improving. Friday was my last night at home so mum made pizza and we had a nice evening drinking cider. 

Scott wanted to do some holiday clothes shopping so on Saturday we were back to Dundee. He didn't see anything he liked (typical!) and I'm trying not to spend money at the moment. Once we were back we went to the pub for a few drinks with his parents.

Sunday was another slow day. I got lots of washing done, we did some food shopping, picked up suncream for our holiday then made a roast for tea. I even managed to get Scott to watch the first episode of 'Line of Duty' so that's exciting. 

Now I fell so much better rested I'm ready to get stuck into exam revision and my final two proper weeks of uni before we go to Vietnam in just under two weeks.

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