How I am Packing My Hand Luggage

Thursday, May 10

It feels like my first proper long haul flight was to Vietnam on Saturday. Seven hours from Edinburgh to Doha and then another seven and a half to Ho Chi Minh City. It really started to drag no matter now hard I tried to sleep and I was probably overly tired and irritable in Doha airport but we made it. Today I thought I would share some of the things I brought to make it a little easier. 

Liquids: Moisturiser | Eye Cream | Mascara | Tooth Paste | Deodorant | Olbas Oil | Perfume | Lip Balm

I did a poll over on my twitter and the majority of people thought I couldn't use my own clear bag for security but I bought this small one from Superdrug anyway and neither Edinburgh or Doha airport had a problem with it and it saved so much fussing around. 

I only bought the basics with me anyway moisturiser to stop me drying out and the eye cream I use because it is prescription and I couldn't replace it. The olbas oil is actually to help with the very painful ears I suffer from when the pain lands. It's particularly bad at night and if we drop altitude quickly so it was an essential for this flight. 

Toilet Bag: Inhalers (prescription medicine)  | Hair Brush | Wipes | Chewing Gum | Kirby Grips | Tooth Brush | Pain Killers | Hair Ties/Band
Everything that was toiletries but not liquid went in another bag. Again I took the bare minimum, a tooth brush for after eating and chewing gum to help freshen up a little. Pain killers are a must for me - not only with my ears but also you don't want to be stuck with a sore head. 

I double checked before flying and wipes aren't classes as a liquid so they went in this bag too. Also all the prescription medicine for my asthma went in this bag because I would be totally stuck without it if my case went missing. 

Tech: iPad | Kindle | Headphone Splitter | Earphones | Phone Charger | Plug Adaptor | Battery Pack
All your gadgets are obviously essential for keeping entertained - I took my iPad rather than my laptop because it is a lot less bulky and my boyfriend had his laptop so we share anyway. The headphone splitter is great so we can watch stuff together (like Line of Duty which is our current favourite).

Some extra power is useful because you never know how long your going to be away from electric for. One handy tip I read online is put a plug adaptor in your hand luggage because if your luggage goes missing it will be even more essential to have charge in your phone. 

I also take my camera in my hand luggage too but I was obviously taking these photos with it. I can't risking it getting broken in the hold and not getting all my holiday pictures. 

Extras: Pyjamas | Jumper | Cosy Socks | Water Bottle | Puzzle Book | Pen | Purse | Snacks | Sun Glasses
Finally I threw in some extra things. Pyjamas in case I wanted to change before falling asleep (I didn't but at least I had the option), cosy socks and a jumper in case I was cold. I actually was the opposite but I hate being cold so they were still worth bringing. 

A water bottle so I could fill it up after security and avoid unnecessary plastic (and save money). Some snacks, again to save money at the airport, my purse then sunglasses for when we finally reached the sunshine. 

So far Vietnam has been a dream and I cannot wait to share more of our adventure with you but in the meantime why not check out my Instagram @ginger_claire. 

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