Snorkelling in Hoi An with Simply Scuba

Thursday, May 31

Snorkelling in Hoi An with Simply Scuba

Before Scott and I left for Vietnam Simply Scuba were kind enough to send us some snorkelling gear to take on holiday. Swimming in the sea is a rare treat I never get to enjoy in Scotland so I was excited to try out something different while we were away. 

Snorkelling in Hoi An with Simply Scuba

Snorkelling in Hoi An with Simply Scuba
Simply Beach - Paradise Halter Longline Bikini Top* & Bottoms*
As I've never been snorkelling before Simply Scuba advised that the X One Marea Set* would be great for beginners. It comes with Marea Mask, Sailor Snorkel and X-One Fin for everything you'll need for a snorkelling holiday abroad. This set is available for £59.00 so while on the slightly more expensive side you are getting a quality, professional snorkelling set.

Both the fins and mask are a really good fit once the straps have been adjusted (I'd recommend playing around with this before you go out). The big different between this snorkel and any toy ones I might have played around with in the past is the purge valve bottom that collects water away from the mouthpiece and pushes any trapped water out with every breath. 

Obviously snorkelling takes a fair bit of practise and for the reason I didn't go too far from the shore but we choose Cua Dia beach in Hoi An to give it ago. It's a beautiful beach with amazing views and under the water I was able to find all sorts of little hermit crabs which I found fascinating - especially as I've never been able to see them like this before. 

An added bonus of this set is the easy carry bag it comes in not only store my snorkelling things but also my towel and suncream. The strap meant I could just through it on my back too. 

I had a great time snorkelling in Hoi An and now I'm wondering where I can go for our next adventure. I have a feeling the X One Marea Set will be coming abroad with us all the time. 

This blog post is in collaboration with Simply
 Scuba but love of swimming in the 
sea and nature is all mine!

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