Preventing Theft on your Summer Holidays

Thursday, June 7

Preventing Theft on your Summer Holidays

I will put my hands up straight away and admit I'm not the careful person in our relationship. Actually I have a bit of a reputation for being careless and forgetful so it is a miracle I've never lost anything while on holiday. This is in large part due to my boyfriend and all the measures he takes to keep our belongings safe. Today have asked me to talk about some of the things we do to prevent theft on our summer holidays.

Get a hotel room with a safe

When choosing a hotel always go for one that provides a safe in the room. That way you can lock away valuables like laptops and cash while you are out and about during the day. I feel that is the number one thing you can do to prevent theft.

Remember not every city is as safe as your own

Coming from Aberdeen the things I carry about with me everyday are pretty safe but I know (and am constantly reminded by my boyfriend) that not everywhere is like that. Carrying your bag and DSLR across your shoulders will prevent an opportunist grabbing them. Likewise be mindful of where you are carrying your phone because they can so easily be pick pocketed.

Don't take all your spending money out and about with you

Surely this one is a given but my boyfriend and I don't take all our spending money out with us. We take what we will reasonably spend and leave the rest in the safe in our room. That way if your belongings are stollen you won't loose hundreds of pounds. My boyfriend also leaves a bank card in the safe incase of an emergency then we will always have a way of getting more money.

Always think about the best place for your passport

I imagine loosing a passport on holiday is a nightmare so we are always mindful of where we keep ours. Normally they are left in a safe but if we do need them (we did a lot while in Orlando) then they will go in a zip pocket in my bag. Obviously we are then extra careful with my bag but we haven't had any problems yet.

Minimise what you take to the beach with you

An example the day we spent at the beach in Vietnam we didn't take mobile phones, cameras or wallets. We only took towels, sun cream, water and less than £10 in cash. That meant we could enjoy ourselves and go into the sea without having to be on the look out. Really think about if you need these expensive things with you (hint: you probably don't).

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