5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #3

Friday, August 3

I've had a pretty rubbish week. There is no real reason behind it, hormones maybe, and a bad trip to the doctor caused more tears. I don't want to be unhappy though because lots of good things have happened recently too. That's why I thought it was about time for another things that made me happy this week post. 

1. Spending the Day at Home with my Mum and Dad

Last Thursday I had the car during the day so I went to see my parents. We had lunch, sat outside, chatted and played with the dogs. Then in the afternoon mum and I went to the local garden centres to look for plants for my garden. It was the perfect, chilled day.

2. All the New Plants I've Put in the Garden

I bought loads of plants when I was out with mum so on Friday I put them all in the garden which is looking great now. I can't wait to see everything blooming - especially the sunflowers which are already about 50cm tall. 

4. Spending 24 hours in Another Scottish City

At the weekend my boyfriend and I went to Glasgow for the night. I'm so lucky to have someone who enjoyed these types of treats (and treats me too) - even though the weather wasn't the nicest we still had a great time (and a trip to Ikea).

3. Eating at Mother India in Glasgow 

I've been to the Mother India Cafe in Edinburgh so I've been excited to try their restaurant in Glasgow. As it was only a short walk from our hotel we booked for the Saturday night and had the most delicious meal. Funnily enough we both choose things my Dad has made for the family from their cook book. 

5. Getting Paid to Create Baking Posts

Recently Aldi got in touch about a baking collaboration (my favourite kind) and sponsored a baking post. I love baking so any excuse really but it is even better when you can earn money from something you love too. 

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