New Look Double Breasted Button Front Dress

Friday, September 7

Dress: New Look | Top: Primark | Shoes: Cath Kidston (similar) | Necklace: Accessorize
You know when you start styling something a certain way and you can't stop doing it? That's how I fell about laying this white t-shirt under my dresses or jumpsuits. I did it with my Primark jumpsuit and now with this New Look dress. Wearing dresses everyday is kind of my thing so styling them like this makes it a lot more casual.

I picked up this dress after trying on a few button up styles in my local New Look. This one was more fitted and therefore more flattering on me plus it only cost £15 in the sale so I'm pretty happy with that. The downside is the linen doesn't agree with being in the car so it is looking a little creased... 

The new look in my town has closed this week which is sad because it pretty much defined being a teenager here and the reason so many of my outfit posts feature them. I remembering being in it the day it opened - they had a promotion where they hid stars around the town giving you vouchers to spend in the store. My friend found one on the way to school but an old lady shouted at us and made her put it back. 

As the shop was beside the bus stop I was in after school all the time when it was raining or I'd missed the bus and was waiting for the next one (that happened a lot). If we needed something last minute for a party it was always where we went because it was the only cool shop in our town.

Rumour has it that another clothing shop took over the lease but I've not heard who it is yet - fingers crossed for someone good!

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