Christmas Party Ready with OppoSuits

Tuesday, October 30

Winter Woman Suit: OppoSuits* | Shoes: Matalan
Do you ever think your love of Christmas might be a little over the top? When OppoSuits reached out asking me if I would like to try one of their Christmas suits I jumped at the chance. They have eight different patterns available for women all in this style.

I chose Winter Woman because it was my favourite although if they had 'Fancy Firewords' in the female style I would have been really tempted. It arrived beautifully packaged in it's own box (which will be great for storage the rest of the year).

As it is made from a high quality polyester it didn't need ironed, even straight out of the box, which is a real bonus for me. It feels amazing quality which was a nice surprise for a 'novelty' item. I felt awesome when I was wearing it and I can't wait to take it for a proper test run this Christmas. 

All the suits have a slim fit cut which for me meant I had to size up to accommodate my slightly bigger boobs. The fitting of the skirt has been improved by an elastic insert added in the waistband. Overall I'm really happy with the fit and style of the suit.

Obviously, on it's own this looks like quite a bold choice but I think for a Christmas jumper day or a Christmas party this would be the perfect choice to stand out from the crowd. I can see myself styling the skirt on it's own for a meal out. The jacket too would be great with a shirt and trousers to make your outfit more festive - because who doesn't love that?

Have you ever considered an OppoSuit for Christmas Suit? I'd love to know the most over the top thing you've ever worn for Christmas in the comments.

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