My Orlando 2018 Bucket List

Thursday, November 8

Last time we visited Orlando, Florida in 2016 I kind of missed out on being excited. I was nervous about my first long haul flight and theme parks seemed like quite an overwhelming place. Fast forward over two years and my attitude has totally changed.

I know what to expect and even though we won't be going to any theme parks this time (why are they so expensive!?) I am very very excited. I've also only had to wait two weeks because it was a last minute booking. Here are some reasons I am excited to go back to the Sunshine State:

1. Having dinner at Olive Garden again

We had our first and last meal of the holiday at Olive Garden last time and have been talking about it ever since. It's not exaggeration to say if there was one in Scotland we would be there all the time...

2. Browsing Bath & Body Works for hours

Another place I can't visit in Scotland (heartbroken) so I will be in Bath & Body Works multiple times deciding on which candles to bring home in my limited luggage. I'm also pretty excited to go back to Target and visit an American Costco but Bath & Body Works is at the top of my list.

3. Going to IHOP for pancakes for breakfast

We visited IHOP for breakfast once on our last trip but I want to go back more than once this trip. I love American breakfast with pancakes and waffles (basically everything unhealthy). 

4. Doing some Christmas shopping at the outlets

My boyfriend might say it is too early but I think it is the perfect time to pick up some Christmas gifts. Hopefully I'll get through my little in the Disney store and limit what I pick up for myself. 

5. See some Manatees in the wild

As well as visiting more of Florida (because we have a car) I really really want to see the Manatees. I missed out last time because time was limited but this year I'm making it a priority. 

We'll that's my list of things I'm aiming to do when I'm in Orlando but I would love any recommendations anyone else has. Where to eat or interesting places to visit would be amazing. 

There will be lots of posts when I'm back but in the meantime you can check out my posts from Orlando 2016.

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