A Postcard from Orlando 2018

Tuesday, December 4

I felt so lucky to be doing back to Orlando in November. Booked just two weeks before we flew, no park tickets and a car to explore Florida I was really excited. 

Holiday Extras kindly gifted us lounge passes so before our flight we could have a chilled breakfast and as much tea as we could drink which was a great start to our trip. Sadly we didn't get as long as we would have liked but it is still something I'd recommend - especially if like me you find airports really over whelming. 

We choose the Avanti Palms on international drive to base ourselves for this trip. Simple hotel with a lovely pool which was perfect for what we were looking for. 

At the start of the trip we went into downtown Orlando. It was during the week so the streets were really quiet but it was good to get away from the tourist areas. Lake Eola Park is beautiful and the walk round the lake is just under a mile making it easy to do in the sunshine. 

I was gutted we missed out on seeing the Manatees last time so we headed east to Merritt Island to see some of wild Florida. I felt lucky to catch a glimpse of the Manatees, it was much cooler that day, as well as Dolphins and an Armadillo. 

We did several of the little walks around the refuge and it was really nice to see a part of the country that is more natural. 

Another highlight of the trip was the day we spent at Disney Springs. We didn't buy park tickets this time but I still wanted a Disney fix and to see the Christmas tree trail. I'm not sure how much Scott enjoyed it but I thought it was so festive and the World of Disney shop is unreal!

Scott also wanted to go to the beach so as we'd already visited Coco Beach in 2016 we headed 100 miles west to Clearwater Beach. We spent the whole day exploring the beach, pier and streets surrounding. We watched brown Pelicans fishing where people were swimming and at Sunset there were lots of street performers around. 

Main Event Entertainment was new since our last trip and it looked like fun so we got wrist bands and played pool for a few hours on Thanks Giving afternoon. Really good value for money too.

The rest of the time we chilled beside the pool catching up on I'm a Celeb or shopping in the outlets which I love. Then just like that our two weeks were over and we were heading home again.

I didn't really need the time to relax but my boyfriend really did so it was nice to join him. I'll have another post coming your way on Thursday about all the places we went to eat so come back for that one!

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