Why I Enjoy Living in a Small Town

Tuesday, January 29

Leaving Aberdeen in June last year meant giving up lots of things I liked about living in the city - being within walking distance of the shops and having so many things to do close by but I'm happy I moved back to the town I went to School in. Inspired by Olivia's post last week 'A Love Letter To The SuburbsI thought I would write about why I enjoy living in a small town. Sometimes I feel like the only blogger who doesn't live in a big city. 

I'm Much Closer To My Family

Obviously living with my boyfriend was the main factor in moving but living within easy driving distance of the majority of my family is a major bonus. I can visit my parents whenever I want and I see my aunts and uncles regularly too.

All The Interesting Places to go for a Walk

I love being in the outdoors and living in a small town allows me to get out much more than in Aberdeen. I can walk to the pond along the road when I'm in need of fresh air or along by the beach if I'm in need of more exercise. 

You Save Money

Now I can't nip to the shops as often as I did in Aberdeen I spent a lot less money too. There aren't any spontaneous cinema trips or impromptu meals which is a bonus for my bank balance. The pubs are also cheaper away from the city centre which is a relief.  

It's Much More Peaceful

Coming home to a nice quiet street, saying hello to our neighbours and pottering around in the garden are all things I desperately missed in Aberdeen. Driving is so much more chilled here too - you never have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or the roads feeling too busy because it simply never happens. 

We Can Go To The Local Pub For a Pint

When we fancy a drink on a Saturday afternoon we can go to our favourite local and have a quiet pint. There is always someone else in to talk to which is probably my favourite thing about living somewhere small - you get to know people better. 

If I miss anything about the city Dundee is 30 minutes south on the train and Aberdeen is 45 minutes north so I'm really not missing out on anything.

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