5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #7

Tuesday, February 12

Raspberry Lime* | Lemongrass with Lavender*
With lots of cool things happening with my blog recently I thought it was time I shared another 5 things that made me happy this week. I'm got a few posts in the pipeline for the next month or so which I'm really excited to share including some outfit shots. Plus I've been getting really into Instagram again despite all it's problems.

1. Burning Wax Melts in the House

Recently I was sent two different wax melts from Candle Jar and for the past couple of weeks they've been filling my house with the most gorgeous scents. The Lemongrass with Lavender is my favourite because it smells so fresh. Plus they are all made in Scotland which I like supporting. Definitely a company I would recommend checking out.

2. Trying Out New Crafts

I bought a needle felting kit from Aldi and have spent a few nights this past week totally engrossed I haven't even thought about social media. The perfect evening detox and now my little panda is finished it will be a lovely gift to give my mum.

3. Exciting Blog Collaborations

Last week I got a real 'pinch me' moment with my blog - I was so excited I wasn't even sure it was real. Jet2 kindly offered me return flights for writing a blog post about Romantic City Breaks for Valentine's Day (AD). We've been exciting planning our next getaway ever since.
4. Engaging on Instagram 

Sometimes Instagram can feel like a bit of a bleak place. The images you've worked really hard on aren't as well received as you hoped. However, recently I realised I'd slipped into a really bad habit of aimlessly scrolling without sharing the love so I'm changing that. It's lovely to have proper conversations again.

5. Weekend Walks in the Woods

On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to Tyrebagger for a walk. It was a lovely, mild, sunny and (dare I say it) spring like day. Walking in the woods is one of my favourite things to do anyway but there was something just perfect about the weekend. 

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