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Friday, May 3

- This Post Contains Items Gifted in Return for this Review -
Haute Florist - Stargazer Sensation Bouquet*
If you don't follow me on twitter you will have missed my big news this week. Finally, 10 months after I graduated, I've been made a job offer. The company are expanding massively in my home town and I can't wait to join the team. I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing yet and it might not be my dream job but it is a place to start and I'm excited. Mostly though I'm just looking forward to not having to answer 'have you found a job yet?' or have an answer when they do ask where I work. 

The second big change in my life at the moment - we are selling my boyfriends flat. It went on the market last week and fingers crossed we get a bite soon. My boyfriend has been wanting to move for a while and we are finally making progress - although it's strange living somewhere you don't know how long you have left.

We don't have any major specifications when we are searching for a new home. No upstairs neighbours and a garden all of our own will suit us just fine. One house we've looked at will need a lot of work done and probably an extension too. The second one that caught our eye is at the top end of our budget but will also need some renovation so we've not made our minds up yet.

So, everything is changing but for once I'm actually happy about it. A new job and a new home are both things to look forward too. Plus, I have to admit, entering my bank details into my new companies enrolment system was a pretty good feeling too!

Is there a better way to celebrate good news than with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. These are from Haute Florist and I choose the Stargazer Sensation bouquet because I loved the mixture of the colourful lilies and the eucalyptus. For reference this is the large size and it fills this vase beautifully and is making my bedroom smell divine. They arrived safely boxed by courier (the poor guy thought it was surprising me so I had to play along!) along with a vase which you can add to the package.

The flowers from Haute Florist have been in my bedroom for a whole week now. The lilies are starting to open but sadly some of the roses have started to die - I hope this isn't down to my care and attention. I'm planning on filling the flat with gorgeous flowers before any viewings to make the place look as good as possible and this bouquet will definitely help.

If you have any tips for getting your house ready for a viewing I'd love to know in the comments!

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