Gin Flora Cocktail

Friday, May 17

My first week in the working world has come to an end so quickly. I've not had the brain capacity for blog related activities but I'm sure as I settling in it will get easier. Anyway, as Friday has come round I thought it would be a good time to share a cocktail I make regularly at home. 

This gin actually contains my dads honey - his bees forage in the local area so they wanted to include it in this distillation. On the palate: it is described as smooth, creamy, floral, citrus and with delicate black pepper notes. Perfect for making a gin flora. 

I go easy on the gin because it is not necessarily my favourite spirit but it is a perfect summer cocktail.

You will need: 

40ml Gin 20ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Raspberry Syrup Ginger Beer

I just mix the ingredients together in a glass but I am looking for fancier cocktail accessories. Then add the ice and enjoy in the sunshine.

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