Summer Leopard Print Midi Skirt

Wednesday, July 10

T-Shirt: Primark | Skirt: Wallis | Heels: F&F 
We have a flat viewing scheduled in for Thursday so this week has been nothing but work and housework – I’m knackered but hopefully the hard work pays off. I still wanted to share this outfit with you because I love my new skirt.

I picked up the skirt in the Wallis sale last week for a bargain £10. I’ve been looking for a leopard print midi skirt for a while after I missed out on one from Nobodys Child earlier in the year. I paired it simply with a white t-shirt – my current one is from Primark but I’d like to invest in a better quality one when this one inevitably gets discoloured or stretched.

I wore this outfit on Saturday when Mum and I went to a local Beer & Berries festival. It was the perfect look for a summers day which wasn’t particularly warm and no matter how windy it was my skirt didn’t fly up. Although we didn’t have any beer (driving is such a pain) we came home with more berries than we could carry. Plus lots of bargain bedding plants from a nearby charity plant sale so I count the day as a success.

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