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Tuesday, September 10

Now I walk half an hour to work in the morning and half an hour back home again I'm getting through all my podcasts so quickly. Especially when some of my other favourites take a summer break so force me to see what else is out there. Here is some of what I've been enjoying recently. 

Shagged Married Annoyed

I'm probably really late to the hype with this one but I wasn't sure I'd find it funny until I heard Chris and Rosie on 'Happy Mum Happy Baby' and laughed out loud on my way to work. Both Rosie and Chris are hilarious and there podcast is different from others I listen to. After a long day I fancy listening to people talk rubbish and laughing along. 

Doing It!

I can't remember where I saw this podcast recommended but I'm enjoying every episode so far. Talking (or listening) to honest conversations about sex and relationships isn't something I'm used to but I think it's important to make these subject less taboo. Plus I've learnt a lot with the varied guests Hannah has interviewed. 

Feminists Don't Wear Pink

I'm enjoyed a little light hearted chat about feminism at the moment and every time Scarlet has a guest on I'm interested in I make sure I download the podcast for my commute. It's really interesting to hear what feminism means to lots of different women. 

The Official Scottish Rugby Podcast

Maybe a niche recommendation but in the run up to the rugby world cup I'm really enjoying hearing more about how our national team is preparing. Packed with interviews with players, coaches, back stage staff and a bit of banter it's the perfect way to me to get my rugby news.

The Tim Tracker Podcast

I watch Tim and Jen's YouTube videos on life in Orlando so when they came out with a podcast I subscribed straight away. Although they've been a bit sporadic recently (they are having a baby!) they cover some light hearted topics that I find interesting to hear them debate. 

Things You Can't Ask Your Mum

Last but not least is Lizzy and Lucy's podcast - I devoted their first series full of more sex and relationship chat. Listening to best friends chat honestly with each other is something I find really interesting and I can't wait for a second series. 

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