One Week of Office Outfit Inspiration #2

Wednesday, March 18

It feels strange to be writing this blog post when, in the office today, we were given the ordered to work from home... Last week when I shot these pictures feels like a world away and no doubt things will change just as quickly again.

Today I have a more autumn/winter instalment of my 'One Week of Office Outfit Inspiration' posts - hopefully it will provide you with some inspiration for when life is back to normal. In the meantime we can all pretend I won't be working in my pyjamas for the coming weeks!

Blouse: New Look | Trousers: Next | Trainers: Clarks
I bought this blouse long before I started working and I'm really glad I get to wear it on a weekly basis now. You can't see it here but it has a lovely embroidery detail on the front and paired with my new chinos makes for a great office outfit.

A few months ago I found it so hard to find warmer trousers to walk to work in the freezing temperatures. All women's options seemed to be slightly cropped which is no use for Scotland. Eventually I went for these chinos in the mens section of Next - okay they might not be the most flattering but they are practical and most importantly warm.

Jumper: Fat Face | Trousers: Next | Boots: North Face | Jacket: North Face
Again, for days when it is really cold I've been loving wearing my Fat Face jumper to work. I bought it in the charity shop a few years ago and it's cost per wear must be fractions of a penny by now. I always meant to get more lightweight knits for work but I didn't find the right style for me.

I purchased these North Face boots in Orlando last year and they are great for the winter. There hasn't been much snow and ice but the chunky soles would do just fine. I also wear my waterproof North Face down jacket daily. It's essential for the walk to and from work.

Blouse: New Look | Trousers: Next | Trainers: Clarks
I've styled this mustard blouse a few different ways for my blog but much like the first photo I'm excited that I can wear it more at work now. It's one of my favourite colours and perfect for some autumn sunshine.

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Dress: M&S | Jacket: Rocha: John Rocha | Shoes: Clarks
I feel like I am always banging on about finding great dresses in the charity shop but this is another. Originally from M&S it was in the window of the shop on the high street. Obviously the colour caught my eye but the cut makes me feel very professional. Working in a manufacturing facility means I can't wear this all the time but I love it when I do. For me an outfit list this is power dressing!

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