5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #16

Tuesday, March 10

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It feels like I am always inspired to write these blog posts after life has been getting me down for one reason or another. It really does help me to take some time out and look at the good things in life instead of the negativity. The quote I've been embroidering recently 'Life is Better When You are Laughing' sums that up nicely but more on that later.

1. Getting Some Fresh Air on a Lazy Day

I love a lazy day as much as the next person but it is even sweeter when you feel like you've achieved something so at the weekend we got dressed and went out walking for an hour. It just made coming home to my jammies even better and I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty.

2. Taking Some Time Out To Craft

I've been meaning to try an embroidery kit after seeing so many beautiful account on instagram so when 'Love Crafts' got in touch and offered to send me a kit I took them up on the opportunity. 

It's been really enjoyable to put my phone away in the evening and have 100% of my attention taken up with learning a new skill plus I think my mental health benefits too. I've never done it before but I'm pretty crafty so I think I've picked it up easily with the help of YouTube. 'Love Crafts' have lots of beautifully designed kits perfect for all levels so I'd definitely check them out.

3. Having a Delicious Meal in the Freezer

On Sunday night we pulled out a delicious curry from the freezer. We'd spent a few hours making enough for 4 a few weeks ago so it was a lovely treat to get the reward with none of the effort. Instead we used the time to make a homemade naan bread to complete the dish nicely. 

4. Lots of Positive Flat Viewings

You might remember our house has been on the market since April last year with very few viewers. I was worried there was something wrong with the place but this year it's really picked up and we've had lots of viewings in a few months. I'll miss this flat but Scott and I are so ready for our first house together and a bit more space.

5. Picking up a New Dress in the Charity Shop

A few weeks ago I spotted a brand new tags still on M&S dress in the charity shop - originally £50 I paid just £7.50. I've not worn it yet but the prospect of being able to wear it soon makes me happy every time I think about it. It's a small thing but important nonetheless. 

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