A Postcard From Lock Down

Tuesday, April 14

Today marks 4 weeks since I packed up my desk at work, put my screens in the car and left for the last time. My work had been slowly adding more distancing measure so sending home nonessential staff was inevitable before the government ordered us to. In the end I was relieved because I no longer wanted to be there and being at home with my boyfriend wasn't a bad thought.

The following weekend wasn't that different from normal, the pubs were told to close on the Friday and we'd been to Costco to stock up on some essentials. It was my birthday on Saturday so we walked down to the beach and met my parents for a walk while adhering to social distancing. The next day we did a big shop (stressful) and prepared to shut ourselves in the house for a week. Then full lock down was announced on Monday night and it felt like everything changed.

We are both working from home - my boyfriend works in IT so he was crazy busy while everyone moved to remote working. My job, however, depends largely on meeting people face to face so it's been tricky to keep projects going. Initially it was okay but 4 weeks in it's getting tougher and tougher. I'm thankful my work has been classed as 'essential infrastructure' and there is still people in the workshops so my job isn't in immediate danger but as the weeks go on I'm getting more and more worried. My contract ends mid-May and I don't know if I'll ever get back to the office.

Other than that I am quite happy pottering around the house. Sure I miss my parents and Saturday afternoons at the pub but generally I'm an optimistic person. There is lots of jobs to do in the garden, seedlings to raise, baking to be done and books to be read. We've only been to the shop 3 or 4 times and I'd even like to limit that because it is the most stressful part of the week. For example, on Sunday I sat in the car and cried because I wasn’t allowed to buy alcohol in the shop because I’d forgotten my ID. I was so wound up about the food shop that it tipped me over the edge.

I am also in lock down with the best person I could imagine. In March Scott and I marked 6 years together - I couldn't have seen this happening but he is so easy to live and work with. In fact I think he has been even more loving in the past 4 weeks and I couldn't be more thankful. Apart from when he is on a DIY kick... then he can stay as far away from me as possible.

Time has been passing so strangely recently I just wanted to write a blog post to put my thoughts into writing. It feels like we've been in lock down for both a lifetime and just a few days. Personally I'm hoping for less than the further 3 weeks the news seems to be predicting today but I am trying not to focus on things like that.

I also wanted to share this story my parents posted on their LinkedIn page if you need some light in the darkness.

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