A Postcard From Lock Down #4

Tuesday, July 14

I think this is going to be my final postcard from lock down - although the pandemic isn't nearly over and remain a cautious approach we are also getting our freedom back. I don't think it will feel like lock down has truly ended until I'm back in work full time but it's looking unlikely that will happen for me for another few months yet. However, the way I felt in March is now a million miles away from how I feel now. I'm grateful that the company I work for aren't rushing into decisions and my boss is happy with me working from home. I manage to settling into our 'new normal' but I'm also ready to be able to enjoy the summer again.

Since my last update I've done some fun things like visit my favorite garden center with Mum. They are a charity that teach disabled people gardening skills and sell the effort of their hard work so I really enjoy supporting them. I wasn't sure I would be able to this summer so it was even better being able to visit with my Mum.

I also saw my cousins for the first time in months for a socially distanced trip for ice cream and then onto the park with my little cousin who turned five during lock down. Most recently I visited my Aunt and Uncle to sit in their garden in the sunshine. My Aunt has been shielding and I was strangely nervous to visit. I've been slightly worried she hasn’t been taking the virus seriously but it was so lovely to here how they’ve kept safe and will continue to be careful.

Last week Scott and I took a much needed break from work and enjoyed a whole week around the house with nothing much to do. We visited St Cyrus beach (as pictured above) for a walk along the beach and we also braved the rain to have a walk at Loch Lee in Glen Esk (I published a post all about our visit in 2014).

In the flat we re wall papered the living room and had another viewing yesterday. She seemed to really like it but I'm not going to get my hopes up this time. Our adventure last night was going to pick up a coffee table that was advertised on Facebook that would have matched our living room set but it wasn’t in the ‘excellent’ condition it was described. Honestly these things are so strange sometimes... 

I think that is us all caught up on this month in lock down. I'm really looking forward to going back to pubs and restaurants but it's wise to give it a week or two to let things calm down. I also have an appointment with my hairdresser for the end of July which is by far the most exciting thing to happen in months!  

If you are interested in my garden updates I've added them to the highlights on my Instagram page.

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