My Lost Stock Box Five Ways

Monday, August 10

On the 21st of May (I checked the date) I came across Lost Stock during my morning flick through twitter. Due to Coronavirus high street brands have cancelled orders for clothes that have already been produced. This leaves millions of workers in countries like Bangladesh unpaid and at risk of starvation. Buying a box at £35 means you get at least three items of clothing (50% off RRP) and each order supports a worker and their family for a week. On their website they give a full breakdown of the cost of your box. 

I wanted to help because this is a problem directly caused by the way we buy fast fashion in the UK and it worried me that clothes already produced in an unsustainable way could end up in landfill. I've been watching and supporting their progress through social media while excitedly waiting for my (biodegradable) bag to arrive.

My bag contained two summer tops and a dress - there has been some mixed feedback on the bags but I am delighted. It's as if Lock Stock knew my favourite colour was purple. Today I wanted to give you some styling inspiration and create five looks from my three items to get the most out of my bag.

Dress: Lost Stock | Shoes: ASOS
I was unsure if the neckline and straps would suit me on the dress but the stretch in the top is so flattering on me. This is why it's important to try on new items before you discount them. I am completely in love with this dress and it was worth the price of the box for this item alone. I was thinking summer BBQ vibes when I styled in with these pastel shoes and some sparkly earrings. If we don't get more warm days in Scotland this summer I know this is going to get lots of wear for years to come. 

Top: Lost Stock | Jeans: Top Shop | Sandals: New Look | Jacket: Fat Face
This striped top is made out of linen and reminds me of styles in Fat Face that I'd normally wear. Surprisingly I don't already have something similar in my wardrobe but I've worn this top already over the weekend. The colours look great with denim and nicely with my yellow raincoat which is useful in Scotland.

Top: Lost Stock | Chinos: Fat Face | Jacket: Tu Clothing | Shoes: New Look
This blue tie dye top is the only one in my box I'm not sure about - it looks great styled in these pictures with the pink chinos but I just know I'm not going to reach for it over my other tops. It's quite a 'sporty' fabric, almost swimming costume like, which is more fitted around I'm tummy. I've decided to swap it in the facebook group set up so it goes to someone who will give it the love it deserves. 

Shirt: New Look | Skirt (dress): Lost Stock | Shoes: Caprice
The purple dress reminded me of one I had as a kid that could be worn as a dress and a skirt so I did a bit of experimenting. It was easy enough to fold into a waist band because it is so elastic and I think it would be easy to cut if you never wanted to wear it as a dress. It's always good to have pieces in your wardrobe that can be versatile if you are a little creative.

Linen Top: Lock Stock | Tee: Primark | Jeans: Levi's | Trainers: Converse
Living in Scotland our hot, sunny days during the year are limited so it's important to me when buying summer clothes they can be layered. Thankfully this linen top is such a relaxed fit that it is easy to layer a top underneath and make it warmer for those grey days. There might even be better tops packed away in my autumn/winter wardrobe that would be even better so I'll have to experiment later in the season. 

Ordering a mystery box of clothes is always going to be a gamble but I am so happy with what arrived in mine. However, if you don't love every item you can swap it like I've done or Lost Stock have different partners on their website with more ideas for these items. I'm so pleased with my box I think that come payday I'll order an autumn/winter box as a treat for myself in around 8 weeks time. They also have mens and kids boxes if that takes your fancy!

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