5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #20

Wednesday, December 16

Christmas Cards: Love Tea Designs*

Work is winding down for the year and everything is starting to feel more and more festive. We've decided on plans for Christmas day so we can start planning and thinking about all the food we are going to enjoy. Thankfully we are also at a point where we can have a break from the renovations and hopefully not cause more mess for a few week.

1. Binge Watching Schitt's Creek

I finally renewed my Netflix subscription just so I could jump on the Schitt's Creek bandwagon and I'm obsessed. If my boyfriend didn't also deserve a chance to watch the TV it would be all I watched. Moira screaming at the slightest inconvenience is something that really speaks to me...

2. Costa Christmas Coffees

Speaking of renovations we have been working hard in the house over the weekends finishing the living room. So much so that come Monday morning I feel like I've worked harder than I do during the week. Thankfully sampling the Christmas coffees and hot chocolates at Costa have kept me going. If we've worked hard and managed to achieve what we want to it's been a tradition to treat ourselves on Sunday afternoon.

3. Our Christmas Tree in the New House

Last week was the final push to get the majority of the living room finished so I could put up a Christmas tree. I have a renovation update planned for the new year but the most recent project has been staining the floor which I finished off after work last week meaning I could decorate on Saturday. Our Christmas tree really finishes off the room and it's so lovely and festive. 

4. Saturday Night Takeaways

Did I mention we've been working hard? Well after a day of tree decorating for me and DIY for my boyfriend we decided to treat ourselves to a takeaway on Saturday night. Normally we play it safe but we decided to try somewhere new and I got an incredible 'Dirty Santa Burger' from a local restaurant 'Rug Bug Bennys'. We enjoyed it so much and the atmosphere in the restaurant was so nice we've now booked a table for next Saturday night.

5. Not Working Mondays

I had enough holidays left this year that I don't have to work a Monday in December. Having a long weekend is the best and this week I got so much done in the morning, went food shopping when it was quieter and settled down with a Christmas film (The Princess Switch: Switched Again) to write my Christmas cards in the evening.

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