A Postcard from Disneyland Park | Paris 2023

Monday, February 20

I've finally managed to pull together all our photos from the three days we spent in Disneyland Paris. I made a conscious decision to not live the trip through the screen on my camera but between the two of us we still had an intimidating 100+ photos so I've decided to split the posts into one for Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park (coming later this week). 

After getting the train from central Paris and checking into Hotel Cheyenne we arrived at Disneyland Park just after 11am on our first day. This post won't be an hour by hour breakdown of everything we did but instead I wanted to share some of the highlights and photos I loved.   

I was overjoyed that the celebrations for the 30th anniversary (which happened in 2022) would still be ongoing during our visit. Seeing all the decorations and Mickey and Minnie in their special outfits made it more magical.

Shortly after we arrived 'Dream... and Shine Brighter' was due to start so we grabbed a good spot to watch (with my phone firmly in my pocket!). Starting the visit with such a good parade made me a bit teary... I am obsessed and have listen to 'Ready for the Ride' 100s of times since!

I'm not crazy about 'thrill' rides but because it was quite quiet in January we were able to rides that we did love multiple times. We really wanted a good photo on 'Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast' but we never quite worked out where the camera was and were too competitive so we've got a hilarious collection of serious ride photos. 

I also loved 'Phantom Manor' a creepier (and better) version of the Haunted Mansion ride they have in Orlando. Over the three days we also rode Pirates of the Caribbean multiple times, Orbitron, Snow White and Star Tours. 

Another really fun thing about Disneyland Park is you can go inside the castle, the stained glass is really cool to see, step outside onto the balcony and look over Fantasyland below and find the dragon under the castle. 

The other thing I made sure we left time to do was see the Lion King Show 'Rhythms of the Pride'. It was amazing and although it was a good length at half an hour it felt like 5 minutes. The perfect opportunity to rest your legs and get some heat on a cold day. 

Sadly because of the high winds both nights we were there we missed out on D-light - the drone show they have in Disneyland Paris for the 30th but we did see the fireworks and projections both nights. The first night we found a good spot and fully immersed ourselves in the experience and didn't take any photos/videos.

The second night we just made it back after being on Buzz so didn't have such a good spot but enjoyed it equally as much. Controversially my boyfriend enjoyed Disney Illuminations more than Disney Enchanted in Orlando… but the Magic Kingdom show still has my heart. 

Both my boyfriend and I are big Toy Story fans so as an extra treat my boyfriend booked Hotel Cheyenne. The themeing both outside and in the rooms is so much fun but honestly you spend so little time there awake it's difficult to take it all in. If you've got a Toy Story fan in your family I'd recommend it anyway because it's a nice easy walk to the parks through Disney Village. 

And there you have it... our first trip to Disneyland Paris couldn't have been more magical and now I'm wondering when I might be able to fit in another trip!

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