What I Have Learned From Tracking My Wardrobe With Whering

Monday, July 24

I heard about the Whering App to track your wardrobe/outfits not long before the end of 2022 from ‘The Anna Edit’ and I knew instantly it was for me. I love tracking things in my life and making data driven decisions... so at the start of the year I started the painstaking process of logging all my clothes and tracking the outfits I wear. 

Taking photos of the clothes you own is time consuming, but I started with my Autumn/Winter clothes in January and then added my spring/summer clothes around May when I got them out of storage. I'm not convinced 100% of my wardrobe is logged yet but I'd say 95%. I have some clothes that are only worn on hot summer holidays and more formal outfits that I don't wear often.

I want to get to the point by the end of the year that 100% of my clothes are logged so I have a true picture of what I wear and what I don't. In the first 6 months of using the app I’ve only got 16 days without outfits. These have either been jammies days or outfits so boring that I forgot to capture them...  

Now for the real stats I was interested in... the percentage of my wardrobe I wear! I'm actually pretty happy with 61% for the first half of the year. There are (hopefully) a few more months of warmish weather then all my autumnal clothes will come out and Christmas party outfits will be worn again.  

I've only been able to include prices for things I've bought this year or late last year that were still available online, but it adds up quickly. It's quite shocking it's already at nearly £400... I'm happy with the percentage of my wardrobe that is preloved (thanks Vinted) considering a lot of the things I've marked as new are years old (I wish there was a way to track that long term too). 

The colour wheel is the most shocking to me - I always thought of myself as a colourful dresser but apparently, I own a lot of navy and beige. This is probably down to the basics I wear with the louder items but still interesting. 

My stats only show me the top four brands I wear but it's no surprise the ones that are up there. The only one I don't really buy from anymore is Primark but the things I do have (basic camis and long sleeve tops for layering) are taken care of and worn repeatedly. 

Finally, you can order the items in your wardrobe from most worn and least worn. It would be cool to see price per wear here too since that is something that it tracks automatically if you've input the numbers. 

The most worn items aren't the most exciting - leggings and joggers working from home and trainers taking the dog for a walk. These sandals were part of my Vinted Summer Shoe Haul last year - they go with everything and the cost per wear is already 62p for just this year! 

I want to do more with the least worn items in my wardrobe - either reselling or donating them but also understanding why I don't wear them and not making that mistake again. The only thing is I'd like to exclude event clothing from these metrics... I know I won't wear them regularly but I'm also not repurchasing things when I do need them. 

Other Things I Love About Whering:

It's pushed me to rediscover old favourites to improve my percentage worn statistic. I have a couple of examples when I've noticed an item I like but not worn this year so it's pushed me to wear them again.

The lookbook feature is amazing for planning holiday outfits then using it as a packing list. It's something I can do sitting in bed in the evening and I don't have to make a mess of my bedroom pulling clothes out of drawers and wardrobes. 

I've discovered I don't wear the same outfits on repeat - I'm always switching up outerwear or shoes, so I've created 138 outfits for the 181 days I've been tracking so far. It's confirmed to me that my wardrobe is versatile. 

When you don't want to outfit repeat it's really easy to check what you've worn for the last months so everything in your wardrobe it's getting it's time in the sun (or rain) and I can make sure I've not worn the same dress to my Tuesday customer meetings for the last month. 

If you need a reminder about how you've styled that skirt in the past that's easy to check as well. Each item on your wardrobe has lots of information attached to it - not only every outfit you've created with it but cost per wear, size, brand and washing instructions if you've added them. 

I feel like I better stop before this becomes a geeky essay into wardrobe statics and why I love this app so much but if you also use Whering please let me know your thoughts below. 

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