5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #43

Monday, August 7

If I said June and July were a roller coaster it would be an understatement... my aunty died of cancer, we went for my boyfriends birthday trip to Milan, we went to her funeral, the following week our friends got married then my uncle also died of cancer so we've had his funeral too. Obviously, it's been difficult and sad but good things have happened too so I'm back with another 5 things that made me happy post.


1. Getting Dressed Up And Celebrating

Like I said above our friends got married on a lovely sunny day in Fife in the middle of July. I love getting dressed up and having a dance so it was the perfect day. Plus Scott and I got to enjoy a couple of nights away in a glamping pod

2. Having A Practice Paddle On My First Paddle Board

I bought my own paddle board in June but between family things and the weather it took me a while to get out on it. However, last weekend I finally braved the water and took it out for a little practice. It was still too windy to properly enjoy myself but I'm glad I did it and Brodie didn't hate it either. 

3. Burrata

This one is quite simple... one of the Hello Fresh meals we picked last week was a pasta topped with burrata and we couldn't resist having those Italian flavours again. It didn't disappoint! 

4. Spending Time With Family

It's sad that I had to wait until a funeral to have (almost) all my family in the same room again. I love seeing them all - being able to chat to my aunties and play with my little cousins. It makes the hard times better if you can look forward to seeing people you don't see often. 

5. Planning a Family BBQ For The End Of The Month

In an impulse moment I decided to pick a date for a family BBQ and finally have the house warming I wanted... three years after we moved in! Now the kitchen is fully finished it's a good time and you can't always guarantee next year. I'm excited! 

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