A Postcard from Glenlivet 2023

Thursday, November 23

At the start of November we went on a little highland staycation and took our dog on his first holiday. After enjoying the Wigwams at Montrave Estate so much during the summer and knowing they would be perfect for our dog we couldn't wait to book again. 

This time we headed north to Glenlivet in the Scottish Highlands just a two hour drive from home. I stayed near Tomintoul over ten years ago on a family holiday and I was so excited to return again with Scott and Brodie. 

On our first day Scott had picked out the 'Tomintoul Country Walk' that took us into the Glen where the Delnabo estate is. It was a really easy walk and the view enhanced by the autumnal colours. With the sun streaming in the sky it was a surprisingly warm day and my jacket soon came off. 

When we got to Delanbo House we stopped to see if we could figure out the holiday cottage that my family rented all those years ago. Sadly we couldn't see it but it must have been tucked away behind the main house. 

When we were driving in the car we saw this interesting view point on top of a hill right beside the road so on our second day we walked through Tomintoul village and found our way to 'Still'. Designed as a moment of reflection when you are looking at the landscape in front of you because it is literally reflected around you. 

Annoyingly, we had to walk on the road for a very short section to get there and back but it was worth it and it's not a busy road at this time of year. 

We were lucky that we didn't have to walk far for lovely views and later in the afternoon we took the track that lead away from the wigwams to get Brodie stretch his legs. 

On our final day, before heading home, we had one final autumnal walk in the woods at Glenmulliach - we got slightly lost heading to the Glenmulliach viewpoint but in the end it didn’t matter in the end. The woodlands were all misty in the early(ish) morning which I loved. 

The wigwam made the perfect base for our three night stay - with long walks during the day by the time it was dark we were ready to snuggle in for the evening. The kitchenette was big enough to cook a simple meal, we played board games and because we brought our own bedding and blankets we didn't have to worry about Brodie's muddy paws. 

It was sub-zero temperatures over night so I'd brought plenty of blankets and our hot water bottles but with wigwam was surprisingly toasty. I think I enjoyed staying in the autumn more than the summer and Scott preferred the woodland setting just outside Tomintoul. 

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