5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #47

Sunday, December 10

I've had a lovely weekend and Sunday has been even nicer with the thought of a cheeky Monday off work. I've had a productive but slow day, we had a baked camembert for lunch and now I'm sitting in front of the fire with a cider while I write this post. 

1. A Surprise Snow Day

Last weekend while we were put up the Christmas lights outside it started to show big fluffy flakes that quickly gathered on the ground. Magical! It wasn't forecast so it was lovely to go for a snowy walk with the dog across the gold course. It makes everything sparkle and I love it. On Sunday evening it rained which meant traveling to work was thankfully easy.

2. Decorating for Christmas

I'm not usually one for getting my decorations out really early but I've been impatiently waiting for the first week in December to get them out this year. I've put up the fake tree in the dining room and styled some christmassy shelves. Next weekend we will get our real tree for the living room and I'm so excited. 

3. My New Tumble Dryer

I've always thought tumble dryers were expensive to run and terrible for the environment but with the very wet autumn we've been having the constant damp washing in the house was getting too much. So, I caved and used some vouchers from work to get my first tumble dryer. Having a load of cosy and dry washing to put away had just been a joy. It's saving the house from condensation too which is worth it!

4. Festive Baking

I love baking all year round but there is an extra excuse in December and I festive bakes (and sharing the recipes on the blog). This week I made these reindeer biscuits and I have some rocky road and mulled wine cupcakes planned. 

5. A Festive Day Out with Mum

This weekend my mum and I made our second annual trip to 'Clay' at Hospitalfield in Arbroath. It is a beautifully curated market for local potters. If my bank balance would allow I'd have something from everyones stall. After we'd finished we headed over to the Christmas Shop at House of Farnell for a browse. 

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