A Spring Refresh with Dolma Perfumes

Tuesday, March 26

March not only heralds the arrival of spring but also marks the month of my birthday. With spring cleaning on the agenda and the anticipation of warmer days ahead, it's an opportune time to freshen up not just our homes but also our routines. Additionally, I've recently incorporated a new fragrance into my daily ritual from Dolma Perfumes. Stay tuned until the end of this post to discover which scent I've chosen.

1. Open All The Windows in Your House

This is my number one thing to do any day it's not bitterly cold outside in Spring. Even if it's not warm the fresh air traveling round your house in the spring is so rejuvenating after a long winter when things begin to get a bit stale. 

2. Have a Wardrobe Refresh

At the start of spring I enjoy a complete wardrobe switch over - carefully packing away my warmer winter dresses and rediscovering favourites for the warmer months in lighter, brighter fabrics. I also take this opportunity to make sure all my items are something I'd wear - selling a few bits on Vinted or donating to a charity shop to keep my wardrobe feeling inspiring. 

3. Declutter One Space At a Time

While spring cleaning is always the buzzword of the season I also like to take the opportunity to do a little decluttering. I start by pulling everything out of a small area, giving it a wipe down with a nice spray then only putting back what we actually use. I think it's important to keep this small so the task isn't overwhelming. 

4. Plan Some Summer Colour for the Garden

It's not a secret I love my garden and I've already started plenty seeds to get a head start on the growing season. However, even if you aren't a gardener growing from seed is so satisfying and there are lots of easy flowers, like Marigolds, that will fill your garden with colour this summer. Why not start thinking about what you might like to grow?

5. Start Building Walks into Your After Work Routine

Okay, I'm a dog owner so I've not stopped walking after work but now the nights are lighter we can start fitting in longer and more enjoyable walks at 5pm. This is not only good for fitness but it's great for mental health and switching off after a long day in the office. 

And finally, the fragrance I've selected to complement my spring refresh is Andromeda. Its blend of cyclamen and freshly crushed greens, accented by notes of jasmine and neroli, embodies the essence of spring. Deep undertones of amber and vegan musk add a luxurious depth to this perfume, making it an exquisite choice for the season.

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